Designed by:  Stormy & Zaza


Quest Name Level  Other Requirements & Notes Reward Start Video
A Small Magical Box       Ellaria  
A Very Secret Mission          
Abandoned Attic       Eidos  
Adriano's Daily Delivery       Vevay  
Aleyn's Problem          
Arne's Tasks   Complete kill tasks to gain training experience (time) - Does not affect challenge task cooldowns Training Experience Eidos  
Assisting Dorothy          
Beer Mission       Ellaria  
Birlusk's Gift #1      25,000 gold. New outfit    
Birlusk's Gift #2      Emerald Shield    
Birlusk's Gift #3      New outfit piece, Emerald Helmet    
Birlusk's Gift #4      Emerald Armor    
Captain's Revenge          
Castle of Death      Achievment & Access to Wanu spawn    
Degrees of Initiation     5% Magic Boost per Task - total 5 Dryadon's Tower  
Destrian's Delivery          
Doomed Dungeons          
Dungeon Grand Master 200+ Complete Every premium dungeon 100x Class Specific    
Eidos Stray       Eidos  
Elsa's Questline     Access to Elsa trade - Cheaper potions Bersund  
Emeline's Questline          
Emma's Problem       Ellaria  
Explorer Achievement          
Ferocious' Challenge          
Fiery Secret          
Flavio Corrupted Tower          
Freak Chest          
Furhman's Hideout       Gulshan Village  
Gambling with Cromwell       Karkkila  
Guilherme Tasks          
Helping Egon          
Helping Galfrid   - 5 Rage Elixer  -Vocational Specific Reward    
Helping Harry        Yarrael  
Helping Nathaniel    - Either 20 Gooseberry, 20 Blackcurrant, 20 Redcurrant, 20 Blackberry, or 20 Raspberry - Either Rocks, Goldstone, Bixbite, Aquamarine, or Spinel    
Helping Simon          
Helping Xavier          
Hungry Kodruf       Eidos  
Ian's Problem       Eidos  
In Clifton's Aid   -Premium     Karkkila  
In Service of the City 200+    Zezenia Legs Ellaria Castle  
Island of Cratai       Cratai / Caerfa  
Ivan's Missions          
Jasmine's First Problem       Ellaria  
Kjell's Rescue          
Leovald Challenges   - 5 Premium Cards. Above Thorvlad - One item drop from the certain boss you picked Bersund  
Let numbers speak!          
Levers of Cratai        Cratai (Caerfa)  
Lonely Dungeon Switches          
Lukas' Problem          
Magic Runes Quest          
Magic Scrolls          
Marten's Questline          
Mastering Dungeons          
Meat Delivery       Eidos  
Message in the Bottle          
Natália's Missions          
Old Map Mystery          
Osvald Challenges   - Premium  - Choose Experience, Gold, Training Skills    
Path to Bliatheroith     Key to open Bliatheroith path Gulshan Village  
Paul's Lost Keys          
Roulette Macabre     Access to Unholy Dreadlords, and next part of quest chain    
Royal Rescue Chests          
Satyr's Wine     5 ampoules of luck    
Sven's Task   NPC Sven - Collect parts from Goblins 500 gp Bersund  
Tavern Tales #1   NPC Maurice   Arnau/Wildau  
Tavern Tales #10          
Tavern Tales #11          
Tavern Tales #12   NPC Tehil   Gulshan Village  
Tavern Tales #13          
Tavern Tales #14        Yafmel  
Tavern Tales #15          
Tavern Tales #16          
Tavern Tales #2   NPC Eldrus   Ellaria Tavern  
Tavern Tales #3   NPC Leandro   Ellaria Tavern  
Tavern Tales #4   NPC Anghus   Wildau Tavern  
Tavern Tales #5   NPC Arlie   Ellaria Tavern  
Tavern Tales #6   NPC Carl   Ellaria Tavern  
Tavern Tales #7   NPC Hurrie   Wildau Tavern  
Tavern Tales #8   NPC Bretnach      
Tavern Tales #9          
Thaddeus' Questline       Ellaria Castle  
The Abandoned Citadel          
The Lost Blacksmith   NPC Terrowin   Gulshan Village  
The Lost Halberd       Ellaria  
The Six Portals       Vevay Maze  
The Spidery Maze       Vevay Maze  
The Strange Note          
The Town Drunk Mission          
The Underground Chamber          
The Vozuth Rune Task    NPC Ulgoth      
Thorvald Challenges   - Premium - Choose Experience, Gold, Training Skills    Video
Torsten's Anger          
Unlucky Fisherman          
Village Elder Mission       Gulshan Village  
William's Mission          
Yasin's Daily Deliveries   NPC Yasin- Simple package deliveries around Zezenia Possible: Gold, Fishing Net, Rope, Crown Helmet Ben Qarassih