Designed by:  Stormy & Zaza

Brewing Potions

Brewing potions are used for buffs ingame. You brew these potions by gathering ingredients throughtout the zezenia world. Different potions require a certain brewing level as well as a potion receipe. 

Item Name Brewing Level Requirements (per ampoule) Description Recipe Obtained:
poison Poison 1 None Created when brewing isnt successful  
gathering Gathering Speed 1 5 Four Leaf Clovers Increases Gathering Speed Adria's Sick Daughter Quest Line (Eidos)
light Light 1 7 Four Leaf Clovers Increases Light Adria's Sick Daughter Quest Line (Eidos)
defense Defense 7 5 Four Leaf Clover, 5 Sugar Beat Increased players defense agaisnt physical damage  NPC Nicholas (Ellaria)
lifesteal Life Steal 10 5 Four Leaf Clover, 2 Sugar Beat, 1 Desert Flower Increase players lifesteal  NPC Nicholas (Ellaria)
expertise Expertise 16 5 Four Leaf Clover, 3 Sugar Beet, 5 Celery, 5 Elvish Onion Increase chance of critical hit  
magicdefense Magic Defense 20 5 Four Leaf Clover, 5 Sugar Beet, 5 Desert Flower Increased players magic damage resistance  Bosses
haste Haste 30 10 Four Leaf Clover, 10 Sugar Beet, 2 Dragon Chicory, 2 Orknie Celery Increases players speed  
luck Luck 50 10 Four Leaf Clover, 15 Sugar Beet, 1 Dragon Heart, 1 Azure Dragon Heart, 1 Crystal Dragon Heart Increases players chance to drop items from creature kills  
expertise Experience 60 10 Four Leaf Clover, 10 Sugar Beat, 5 Volcanic Horseradish, 5 Elvish Onion Increases players experience from creature kills  
antiparalyze Anti Paralyze 60 15 Four Leaf Clover, 15 Sugar Beet, 5 Warg Chamomile, 2 Orknie Celery, 1 Volcanic Horseradish Players cannot be paralyzed by creatures when used  



Gatherables are found throughout the zezenia world. Used to make brewing potions. Certain gatherables require certain gathering levels.

Item Name Gathering Level Location Video
clover Four-Leaf Clover 1 HumwichCrataiEidos
carrot Carrot 1 Eidos
sugarbeet Sugar Beet 10 GulshanEllariaLyedel
wargchamo Warg Chamomile 20 Eidos
desertflower Desert Flower 20 Gulshan
celery Celery 20 Arnau
oyster Closed Pearl Oyster 25 Fishing
evlishonion Elvish Onion 30 Humwich
dragonegg Dragon Egg 30 Under Construction
dragonchic Dragon Chicory 30 Yarrael
orkniecelery Orknie Celery 40 Arnau
volcanichorse Volcanic Horseradish 45 Under Construction